Bermuda Grass

Bermuda will begin to come out of dormancy in early spring time in Bakersfield. For most lawns it is enough to allow the Bermuda to get going on its own and fertilize once it has re-established itself in order to make it green and healthy. In this case you would wait until the whole of the dormant Bermuda lawn has turned green and has been mowed for a few weeks before fertilizing with Turf Supreme.

If it is obvious that the lawn needs a little help filling in bare spots or choking out weeds, 6-24-24 XB can be applied, which has a high sulfur content to promote root growth, which makes Bermuda spread to fill in gaps and choke out invasive weeds.

For some, Bermuda itself is a weed in Fescue lawns. This can be a problem as Bermuda has a tendency to overtake other species. As are most problems, however, this problem is manageable with products like Turflon Ester or Bayer Advanced Bermudagrass control for lawns.