Fighting Crabgrass and Other Weeds in Lawns

The fight against crabgrass can be greatly affected by how the fight begins. An early application of pre-emergent like Dimension 270G® can get your fight off to a good start. If applied correctly Dimension 270G® can prevent a majority of weed germination in your lawn and kill crabgrass in early stages and can even affect mature crabgrass. For more information on pre-emergence click here.

For post-emergent control of crabgrass you will be looking at products containing quinclorac such as Q4 Plus®, Crab-E-Rad     Plus®, and Trimec® Crabgrass Plus Lawn Weed Killer.

Each of the aforementioned products containing quinclorac will also kill broadleaf weeds in your lawn, but if you need to kill broadleaf weeds without the concern of crabgrass, other products are available including, but not limited to Trimec®, Speedzone®, Weed Whacker®.

For more information on how each of these products works and how to use them please visit our store and speak with one of our staff. Also never forget to read the product label of any chemical before use.