Planning Fall 2015

Winter Grass

This fall we will continue abide by state and locally enforced water restrictions. This is not a problem. Winter grass only requires about two weeks of consistent watering to become established. Watering every other day is not necessarily consistent, but with the aid of HYDRETAIN germination can still be accomplished. Hydretain will maintain moisture levels in the soil around your new seeds for the days the lawn is not being watered.

After a few weeks watering can be cut back. Cutting ryegrass a little longer will help the grass to retain more water and grow healthier. After the grass has become established it can be fertilized with Turf Royale or Nitra King and watered thoroughly immediately after application.

Dormant Bermuda

If you choose not to plant winter grass it is still important to take care of your lawn. Drying out your Bermuda roots is not a good idea. You can use this opportunity to take control of weeds in your lawn by applying pre-emergent. Dimension 270g is a great option used by many of our customers for several years. This product will help to reduce the number of weeds you see throughout the winter months including Poa-Annua and, if re-applied, it can help prevent crabgrass and broadleaf weeds through the summer months.