In order to prevent the germination of weeds over the winter it is necessary to apply a pre-emergent. Whether you have planted ryegrass or not you can do this in your lawn.

If you have planted ryegrass, however, make sure to wait until the grass is established so as to insure that your new grass is not damaged. For dormant Bermuda lawns that have not been overseeded with ryegrass, pre-emergent products can be applied immediately.

Be sure that if you do apply a pre-emergent to your lawn that it gets watered in order to activate the pre-emergent. Various pre-emergent chemicals are available at Abate-A-Weed. Tal to our sales staff to find out which one is right for you.


Pre-emergent products can be applied to bare dirt areas or areas which are intended to be bare dirt as well as in flower beds with our without groundcover. With regular use of pre-emergent products available at Abate-A-Weed you can maintain a weed free area.